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1. 响应式网站,即网站的域名和URL都不变,只是根据浏览设备而自动调整页面的大小和内容,这主要是靠HTML5和CSS代码实现的。 2. 网站的域名和URL不变,但是根据用户的设备来进行判断,给用户不同的页面,即URL不变,但是HTML页面发生了变化。 3. 启用新的子域名,根据用户的设备来进行判断,然后进行跳转。 第一种方式是最佳的方式,但也是最难的,有很多的挑战。普遍采用的是第三种方式,这种方式从网站优化上和成本上都不是非常好,但是客观现实的影响,却比较普遍。还有就是国内的移动网络的网速实际还比较慢,所以移动端的网站需要进行精简,如果用第一种方式对桌面端的网站进行适配是肯定不行的。 简而言之,第一种方式面临的问题是非智能机的浏览器和台式机的IE6等浏览器对HTML5和CSS的支持是存在问题的。第二种方式,因为百度蜘蛛没有区分移动和桌面的蜘蛛,这样在判断跳转上可能会出现问题,从而对网站的排名和权重有不利的影响。第三种方式,其实是个无奈之选,但是从技术上绝对不是最佳之选。 移动网站优化技巧 下面的内容主要是针对采用第三种方式的网站来给的建议。 1. response websites, that is, the web site's domain name and URL are the same, only automatically adjust the size and content of the page according to the browsing equipment, which is mainly implemented by HTML5 and CSS code. The domain name and URL of the 2. site are unchanged, but they are judged according to the user's equipment, and the different pages of the user, that is, the URL, are changed, but the HTML page has changed. 3. enable the new subdomain to be identified and then jump based on the user's device. The first way is the best way, but it is also the most difficult, and there are many challenges. Generally, there are third ways, which are not very good in terms of website optimization and cost, but the impact of objective reality is quite common. Also, the network speed in the domestic mobile network is still relatively slow, so the mobile site needs to be streamlined, if the first way to the desktop web site matching is certainly not possible. In short, the first problem is that the browser of non intelligent machines and desktop IE6 and other browsers support HTML5 and CSS. The second way, because Baidu spiders do not distinguish between mobile and desktop spiders, which may have problems in judging the jump, which has a negative impact on the ranking and weight of the web site. The third way is actually a helpless choice, but technically it is definitely not the best choice. Mobile website optimization techniques are mainly targeted at third ways to give advice.